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  • Amaryllis UITTERLINDEN / Elke

    Daughter of conductor Jozef, business leader of St-Cecilia and fiancée of Renaat Byl. That is a lot to combine…

  • Arthur DUPONT / Hugues

    Hugues is a fantastic trumpet player. But by leaving the Walloon En Avant band for its Flemish counterpart St-Cecilia, he is playing with fire…

  • Jos VERBIST / Jozef

    Jozef leads St-Cecilia with passion and fire. "As long as it doesn't turn into Alkmaar".

  • David CANTENS / Renaat

    Renaat, Elke's fiancé, doesn't really follow the musical goings-on. I'd rather hit a wrong note than hit on someone else, he thinks.

  • Erika SAINTE / Sandrine

    Sandrine is a hidden talent at En Avant. A silent strength behind the scenes.

  • Marc WEISS / Michel

    Michel is conductor of En Avant and Hugues' brother. The goings-on between both bands are a heart-rending choice for him.

  • Tom AUDENAERT / Andries

    Andries follows the battle between both bands kind of downbeat, but usually he is pretty upbeat.

  • Marc PEETERS / Fernand

    A veritable St-Cecilian, Fernand can blow hot and cold – particularly when the Walloons are there.

  • Koen VAN IMPE / Patrick

    Patrick likes to be heard. To diss his Walloon counterparts that is.

  • Kasper VANDENBERGHE / Kenny

    Kenny is a virtuoso trumpet player, though he is the only person who thinks so.

  • Rilke EYCKERMANS / Carla

    Carla and Willy are St-Cecilia's trumpet duo… A bit too literally.

  • Claudine PELLETIER / Arlette

    Arlette is mayor of Vierlemont. But there is one place where she is not the boss: at En Avant. Then again…

  • Frederik L. HAÙGNESS / Urbain

    Passionate wind section at "En Avant", who will not be winded by the Flemings.

  • Philippe RÉSIMONT / Damien

    Percussionist, and not only on his drums…

  • Joel DELSAUT / Bernard

    Bernard's music at En Avant is out of this world, and thinks Sandra Kim's "j'aime la vie" is the band's bee’s knees.

  • Liesa NAERT / Tine

    Tine is nuts, as well as Elke's best friend and St-Cecilia's wardrobe mistress.

  • Michel VAN DOUSSELAERE / Ludo Byl

    Boss and owner of Byl Construct, St-Cecilia's biggest sponsor. His motto is ‘you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours’.

  • Fabrice BOUTIQUE / Nazir

    Nazir is an outsider, who has his heart in the right place and is a lot smarter than people think.

  • Veerle EYCKERMANS / Brigitte

    Brigitte keeps the village inn open. This will be the assembly point of all female fans when Hugues moves in with her.

  • Ivan PECNIK / Willy

    Willy is the Flemish trumpet soloist who gives it his ALL during the semi-finals.... somewhat too literally unfortunately.